How to Properly Paint Cabinets

You can easily update your kitchen cabinets by painting them. However, a good paint job depends on a great prep job. Prepare the surface properly so the paint will adhere and not peel or chip over time.

While you can paint cabinets with a brush, a sprayer is faster and leaves a smoother surface.

Sanding kitchen cabinets before painting them is important to ensure the paint will adhere to them.

Preparing the Surface

Before you can start painting the kitchen cabinets, you need to prepare the surface. Prepping usually is the longest part of the job, and it’s the most important part to ensure the finishing coats properly cover the cabinets.

1. Remove doors and drawers: Take the doors and hardware off the cabinet boxes and remove drawers and hardware from the cabinets. You will paint the doors and drawers separately.

2. Place the doors on sawhorses. Spreading

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Trendy House Design Recreation

Keep away from future boredom with calm colours utilizing texture and sample. In a dreamy seaside house, muted prints in the identical palette preserve a impartial room from looking bland.

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Festivals are the spirit of India because it brings a new starting and we suggest to you some festive decor concepts to revamp your home for this festive season. Furnishings effects on mental peace: The way in which we enhance our house has lots to do with psychological peace. De-cluttering old furniture, bringing a brand new couch set , vacuuming the carpet – all removes the dust mites from the home and life as well. It brings the brand new optimistic vibe, illuminating the stress, and improve the feeling of love and togetherness. Moreover, preserving inexperienced themes of the eating table could stop overeating while orange stimulates the appetite. The high flooring lamp of the unique … Read more