Furniture brand Albany Park launches West African-inspired prints

E-commerce brand Albany Park, created by former NFL-player Darryl Sharpon, has launched a new West African-inspired collection of prints.

HOUSTON – E-commerce furniture retailer Albany Park has officially launched the new Ẹkáàbọ̀ collection, a limited-edition line inspired by Ankara, the vibrant wax prints from West Africa.

“As African Americans, our ancestry has been completely cut off. We’ve had to create our own culture,” said Darryl Sharpton, Albany Park’s CEO and co-founder. “Now, through this discovery, I’m able to retroactively add my heritage to the American melting pot and infuse it into my company and my products.”

Sharpton said the successful release of the Akwaaba and Koyo prints last fall have resulted in the addition of two more prints Ademi and Idowu. The bold patterns are now available for the company’s Albany collection and Park collection.

After learning that his roots originate in Nigeria, Sharpton said he was eager to integrate more of the West African culture into the world around him. He said that, with this new line, the company’s goal is to transform the rhythm and soul of the Nigerian culture into unique furniture pieces.

“The name of the line Ẹkáàbọ̀ comes from the Yoruba people across West Africa, who use it to make others feel at home,” he added.

Sharpton said this new line of prints “brings all of the electrifying energy of West African cities right into living rooms.”

The company’s Ankara prints carry a variety of distinct meanings, from nods at pop culture to messages of good fortune often paired with a hidden message or wish to convey to others. “It’s a taste of tradition remixed with a contemporary design, waiting to welcome people all over the world home,” Sharpton said.

The Albany Park e-commerce brand has three models of sofas that are apartment-friendly and space-conscious and are available in a large variety of fabric choices.

A retired NFL player, Sharpton co-founded e-commerce furniture brands Edloe Finch in 2017 and Albany Park in 2019 along with his wife Jessica, a former oil and gas consultant. The couple travels the world to design and manufacture furniture for customers across North America and ultimately plans to open showrooms in large metro areas including Houston where the company is based.

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